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Wednesday 22 February 2012


Hey guys, welcome to Bloguary day 21! I'm sorry this post has gone up late today, I went back to college yesterday and had some work to do. But anyway, I've had this since Summer '11 and used it as an everyday blusher back then and loved it. So I thought I'd try it again for you guys to see if I loved it just as much!

What the website says:- This cream blush isn't on the boots website anymore. I'm not sure if this has been discontinued, but I do see this sometimes when I go into boots, so you might be lucky to get your hands on this.

Texture and Pigmentation:- The texture is very light on the skin and drys reasonably quick. I have oily skin and this doesn't seem to move around. The pigmentation is okay, which is what I like about this blush. I don't wear blush very often and when I do, I don't want it to be bright and in your face. I like it to be subtle and barely there, which is what this does. It gives you a slight hint of colour which balances and brightens your face. The colour is buildable though.

Scent:- This smells a little like foundation. It's not a strong overwhelming smell, I think it smells quite nice actually. The smell doesn't effect the product though.

Packaging and Price:- The packaging is a little tacky but you get what you pay for with the packaging. The product defiantly makes up for packaging. The price is £1.99 and you can get this from Boots.


  1. I wish we had more retailers that sold Boots here in the US the products from them that I have tried I love but they are hard to find!
    Beauty Flawed

    1. it's totally the same over here with US products, and if they do sell them in shops then it's only for a limited time :-( xo

    2. I never thought of it that way! Makes sense tho we all just need to come together and share lol ;)