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Sunday 17 June 2012


Hey guys! So only one post up this week.. again. It's pretty much my final week of college this week so I'm working hard to get all my work done. I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to write a full blog post up, but I thought I should give you a quick explanation of what I am doing. I have a few posts planned, including a photography post showing you what I have done for my Dramatic Portrait for college. Please bear with me guys!

Monday 11 June 2012


Hey guys, it's Wish Away Monday again! I hope you're all enjoying the newish look to my blog!

Item #1 - Gold Patterned Collar Tips - £7.00 from Wired Jewellery.
Item #2 - MAC Eyeshadow in Nylon - £12.00 from MAC.
Item #3 - Apple iPod Classic 160GB in Black - £196.99 from Argos.

Item #4 - 13inch MacBook Pro - £1,249.00 from Littlewoods.
Item #5 - Nikki Camera Strap Cover - $25.00 from Wonder Forest.
Item #6 - Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - £36.00 from Debenhams.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Sunday 10 June 2012


Hey guys, another small post. I have just made an advert for my blog and so I thought I would see if anyone would like to swap adverts and advertise each others blogs. This way, there is something in it for me and something in it for you! If you would like to do this or you would like more information, please email me at

Thank you guys!


Hey guys, a quick post today. Over the past few days, I've been trying to teach myself a few things on Photoshop for my blog. I'm no expert but I managed to make myself a new header. I know it isn't perfect and eventually I will learn how to make it to how I like it. My buttons are made by Ash from Beauty Flawed. Thank you so much for bearing with me and helping me! I really do appreciate it. If you haven't already, go check out her blog and subscribe. If you do, say I sent you! :-)

Hope your all having a good weekend!

Thursday 7 June 2012


Hey guys, a review for you today! I hope you all enjoyed the long jubilee weekend if you're in the UK, if not I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

What the website says - 'Don't just stroke your lips, Caresse them. Lips say yes to this Caresse. A flutter of kissably soft light-weight feeling colour. Its delicate texture glides onto lips creating a veil of colour with a lumious shine. Available in 10 bright and eye catching shades.'

Texture and Pigmentation - The texture of this a little similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. I think that these are more lipsticky (is that a word? it is now!) than the butters and there is more pigmentation on these. They are very buildable, going from a sheer pink with one swipe on your lips, to a bubblegum pink with a few swipes. 

Scent - There isn't much smell to these. The do smell a little like a lipstick but it's nothing to over powering.

Packaging and Price - I like the packaging of these. I think even though they are a little bulky, they are quite classy. The colour on the top of the packaging corresponds to the colour of the product, which i think is handy when storing them in your collection. The price is £7.99 from Boots and currently on 3 for 2!

Thank you all for reading, have you tried these out yet? Let me know below!

Monday 4 June 2012


Hey guys, it's Monday again! Which means it's a Wish Away Monday post! I've been looking at iPhone cases this week as I'm hoping to get an iPhone very soon!

Item #1 - Ero Travel Green Heart Disney Hard Cover for iPhone 4 - £2.99 from eBay.
Item #2 - Art Deco Antique Gold Skull ring with faux pearl - £0.99 from eBay.
Item #3 - Ryan Dunn Tanktop - £15.03 from Etsy.

Item #4 - Snow White Black Backing Decal Sticker Skin - £6.45 from eBay.
Item #5 - Anchor Aweigh - Alchemy UL13 ring - £18.99 from eBay.
Item #6 - MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl - 14.50 from MAC.

I hope this has inspired you to wish your life away a little every now and again, as there is nothing wrong window shopping!

Saturday 2 June 2012


Hey guys, another review today! I'm trying to get back into posting again after having a week off to do college work. I have about 3 weeks left in college, so posts might be a little sparse. Once I'm back blogging properly, I might announce another new series for my blog, so keep an eye out for that! 

What the website says - 'The high definition loose powder creates a "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion. The incredibly soft and invisible powder is great for on-screen and everyday wear.'

Texture and Pigmentation - This powder is incredibly soft and leaves the skin feeling even softer. Even though it is a white powder, there is no white mask on your face once applied. This helps keep my foundation on for so much longer and this is my powder of choice that I use every single day. I LOVE it!

Scent - To me, I think this smells a little like talc but it's nothing off putting for me. It smells quite clean if I'm honest.

Packaging and Price - The packaging has that matte Nars feel which I think makes it feel like it's high end (sneaky sneaky). It's quite bulky but as my makeup bag is quite big, this doesn't effect me. It comes with a powder puff, which I've only used about twice and it does the same thing as a powder brush would anyway. You can get this from E.L.F for only £6.00!

I hope you're all doing well! Does this HD powder tickle your pickle? Let me know below!