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Wednesday 15 February 2012


Hey guys, welcome to Bloguary day 15! This Limited Edition Polish came out at Christmas I think, but obviously you can't get it in shops no more, so this review is going to be on all the glitter polishes from Barry M I have tried rather than just this polish itself.. I hope that made sence?

What the website says:- ' Glitzy Glam! Be extreme.
These are ideal to be the knockout party disco diva, whatever your age!Bright shades bursting with minute particles, you’ll certainly get noticed with these enamels wherever you go to party. '

Texture and Pigmentation:- The texture of the polish because of the glitter isn't completely smooth, but it doesn't flake or anything like that. When pairing it with a colour nail polish, I only use 1 coat, but if you wanted to wear it on it's own, then I think it you would need about 2 coats. Don't apply too thickly because the polish will then peel.

Scent:- The scent is the same as every other nail polish really.

Packaging and Price:- The packaging isn't anything great or tacky, because it is only a nail polish at the end of the day. As long as it stops the polish from drying inside and you can see the colour of the polish through the packaging, that's good enough packaging for me. You can pick these polishes up from the Barry M website or in Superdrug fro £2.99.

I hope you've enjoyed Day 15 of Bloguary! Have you tried out any of these glitter paints yet?


  1. Aw, lovely review! I've tried this one out but I didn't like it too much ):

    1. Thank you! Glitter polishes seem to be pretty hit and miss xo

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