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Wednesday 29 February 2012



Hey guys, long time no reviews! I'm back now though and I will be reviewing everything that I had planned for Bloguary. This was free with Marie Claire magazine last summer, but you can still get this on eBay!

What the website says:- Even though this is not on the Ciate website no more, I managed to find the blurb!
'An ultra-radiant gloss with unprecedented and multidimensional shine. Hydrating formula keeps lips from cracking or chapping….contains antioxidant Vitamin E.'

Texture and Pigmentation:- This applies nicely to your lips and does last a good 3/4 hours without applying again. If you apply too much to your lips it does get a little sticky. The pigmentation is amazing for a lipgloss, it's pretty much opaque! This shade is called 'Ibiza'.

Scent:- The lipgloss smells sweet, but not overly scented. It reminds me a little of candy floss.

Packaging and Price:- The packaging is a sleek tube, which is alright for what it is. The product makes up for the packaging but I don't have any faults with it. As I said earlier, this product isn't on the Ciate website no more, but I have found it eBay for you if you wanted to try it.

Hope you've enjoyed this long waited post! Have you tried this lipgloss?


  1. I haven't tried it but it looks and sounds so good i might just have to hunt it down! lol! Great post, great blog!


    1. it really is a great product to just chuck on for a bit of colour and leave :-) xo

  2. What a pretty color! Very nice blog Luv! Followed you on Bloglovin too! :)