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Friday 17 February 2012


Hey guys, welcome to Bloguary day 17! I've had this for a few years (sounds gross, I know) but never got much use out of it up until about 3 months ago. I really want more shades now!

What the website says:- 
' - Contains 5ml.
 - Give your eyes the perfect look and stand out from the crowd.
 - Comes in 4 different shades.
 - Mousse eyeshadow.'
I think that there are a few more than 4 shades now though! Sometimes I see this in shops, but it isn't on the Rimmel website.. #confusing!

Texture and Pigmentation:- This mousse eye shadow is creamy but dries quickly, so you have to work fast with it. I used this as a base before I applied my eye shadows. If you have oily lids like me, use a primer underneath. If not, then your good to go. You can also use this on it's own and even make it look like you've got more than just this on! All you have to do is apply it all over the lid, and then in the crease apply a bit more, making your eye looked defined. The pigmentation is great and long lasting.

Scent:- I think this smells a little like liquid liner, I have no idea why though. The product doesn't smell once applied to the lid.

Packaging and Price:- The packaging reminds me a little of M.A.C paint pots, but clearly a drugstore version. Once you open the lid, there's another little lid inside which stops the product from drying. Like I said you can get this in some shops but I don't know the price. I have also found them on Amazon and eBay.

Thank you for reading day 17 of Bloguary, have you tried this product?