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Monday 6 February 2012



Welcome to Bloguary Day 6! This polish was a free gift from Marie Claire magazine a few months ago. This is only sold as part of a set of 3.

What the website says:- 

Summer Splash Polish Set



- Includes MissTique, MissTaken and MIssChievious
- 3 x 13ml bottles
- 3 for 2 offer
- Nail Polish for UK customers only

Texture and Pigmentation:- It's a really good texture, not to watery, and not thick. If your in a rush when painting your nails, then one coat of this is good and doesn't look streaky. For a more opaque finish, apply two coats. This is a highly pigmented polish for a high street polish. 

Scent:- This polish is the typical polish smell unfortunately. It's something you have to ignore with most polishes. Although, I think a brand last summer came out with a fruity scented polish, but I'm not on about them haha.

Packaging and Price:- I like this design on the packaging and I think it will capture most peoples eyes. The brush is slightly bigger than most brushes, which I think makes it apply better on the nail. The price is £10.00 for the 3 on the Missguided website. You can also get some single polishes for £5.00 also from the Missguided website.

I hope you've enjoyed Bloguary day 6! And I hope you've also had a good weekend!

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