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Friday 10 February 2012


Hey guys, welcome to Bloguary day 10! I've had these for a while so I've made sure I tested them out enough before I reviewed them for you all!

What the website says:- 'Make a statement with our show stopping lip stick, available in 16 shades. Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank!'

Texture and Pigmentation:- I find that these lipsticks are very moisturizing which I think is amazing, especially at this price and from the drugstore! The pigmentation is different for each lipstick I think. My red one is very pigmented, moisturizing and long wearing. The pink one isn't so pigmented or long wearing, but it is just as moisturizing if not a little more. 

Scent:- There isn't really a scent to these lipstick. This is a good thing as I hate the old smelling lipsticks that were around years ago!

Packaging and Price:- The packaging is good for the price. I think that it has got some elegance to it and it isn't bulky. You can pick these up from the MUA website or at Superdrug for £1.00.

I hope you've enjoy Bloguary day 10, have you tried these lipsticks? :-)


  1. I love MUA products you get a great bang for your buck! I own a couple of their eyeshadow pallets that I found to be incredible versatile!

    Found and followed you on beautylish hun! Please check me out if you haven't already on:

  2. I wish they would sell MUA products where I live.... The lipsticks are beautiful!

    ps- I'm a new follower! Check out my blog :) I'm having a contest soon!

  3. I cant wait to get my lipsticks in a few days =D Nice shades!!! =)