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Tuesday 14 February 2012



Hey guys, welcome to Bloguary Day 14! This eye liner came free with a magazine a few months back and it's the first time I had heard of the brand but they seem to quite a popular. The colour I have is 05 Graphite.

What the website says:- ' A striking charcoal grey, with a hint of silver.
INIKA Certified Organic eyeliners have a rich and creamy consistency unparalleled in the world of natural liners.
Formulated to glide on easily, they deliver even depth of colour and real stay-ability. The colour pigments work in harmony with INIKA eyeshadows to create dramatic and iridescent effects. This organic formula is perfect for the most sensitive eyes.
Each INIKA Eye Liner comes with a complimentary sharpener lid.

Texture and Pigmentation:- This eye liner guilds on your eyes really lovely. The texture is very soft and blend-able, but you have to work quite fast with it. The pigmentation is great. Once you blend it out, you will see slight subtle shimmers in the liner which give it a nice touch.

Scent:- The only scent on this liner is the smell of the wood of the pencil when you smell it. This smell doesn't transfer onto the liner itself.

Packaging and Price:- The packaging isn't too fancy but isn't tacky looking either. I think it's a good thing that there isn't any beautiful design on the pencil because then I wouldn't want to sharpen it and ruin it. You can get this from INIKA for £11.75 and I also think you can get them from John Lewis too.

Hope you enjoyed day 14 of Bloguary! It's actually up on time today ;-) Have you tried this eyeliner?

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