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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Bloguary - CHLOE REVIEWS:- Fashionista Palette - Day 1!

Welcome to Bloguary Day 1! I had this for Christmas as I'm always looking for 'make your own' style palette.

What the website says:- 'At the heart of the Fashionista cosmetics range budding Fashionistas can create their own style with the custom design palette system choosing between 49 shades of eyeshadow and 12 blushers to design their very own palette. There are over 13 million combinations! The eyeshadows and blushers can be used individually and are great value at £4, or popped out of it’s casing and into the custom design palette.
There are six tones to choose from in one colour family for example we have six tones of blue, from pale to dark. There are seven colour families to cover all looks: blue, purple, black, pink, brown, bronze and green.'

Texture and Pigmentation:- The shades of blush I have are Butterscotch Shade 10 (top right) and Cinnamon Shade 12 (top right). The texture of the blushes are smooth and velvety. The pigmentation is pretty good with Cinnamon and need a very light hand. Butterscotch isn't as pigmented as Cinnamon, but it is buildable which is what I, personally, like about a blush. Both of the blushes are of a matte finish with no shimmer. The single eyeshadow is Berry Brown Shade 42 (bottom left). The texture of the shadow is the same as the blush, soft and velvety, and also very soft. The pigmentation is high and will need a very light hand when using. There is shimmer in this eyeshadow, but no fall out from what I have experienced.

Scent:- The scent is of a typical powder products, smelling a bit like talc. This is nothing over powering and nothing you will be able to smell while the product is on your face.

Packaging and Price:- The packaging is hard plastic and does a good job of protecting the product from smashing when you drop it. It is sleek enough to use when traveling and also handy as your can put your own shadows and blushes into it. When you buy the shadows they come in a pan form. You have to buy the palette separate. You have a choice of a black palette or a red one. The pans are easy to depot, as all you have to do is push the pan out of the packaging and push into palette until it clicks into place. The price of both the eyeshadows and blushes is £4.00 from Superdrug and the palettes are £5.00 also from Superdrug.

I hope you enjoyed the first post of Bloguary! Let me know if you have any requests :-)

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