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Saturday 10 November 2012


The A - Z of Me

Age: 19 years young!
Bed Size: Double bed from Littlewood with a mattress that is incredibly uncomfortable.
Chores you hate: Call me lazy or spoilt, but I don't do chores. My mam asked me to wash my dish up the other day, so I tried.. and smashed a glass everywhere. I think it's a lot safer and cheaper if I stay away from these things haha.
Dogs: I so wish I could have a dog, but my mam is allergic to pretty much everything :-( 
Essential start of your day: To help myself wake up, I check my emails, Facebook and Instagram on my phone.
Favourite Colour: Red or purple.
Gold or Silver: I like both really.
Height: 5"2
Instruments I play: I used to play the Penny Whistle at school, did anyone else?
Job Title: Full time unemployed, part time blogger ;-) 
Kids: I've only ever bonded with one child. Her name is Faith and she is 3! I'll try to include her in a blog post one day :-)
Live: Pontypool, South Wales.
Mum's name: Julia Margaret Jones. 
Nicknames: Chlo, Joey, Soda, Blondebomber, Clover, Clovite and many other names that my mother randomly comes up with.
Pet Peeve: I hate the word really hate it. I refuse to say the word and it is known as the 'm' word. The word just goes through me and gives me goosebumps. Ew!
Quote from a movie: "I'd rather see you out there shakin' that thang!" - Kevin Gnapoor from Mean Girls.
Right or left handed: I'm a righty!
Siblings: I'm an only child.
Time you wake up: About 11/12, I have really bad insomnia.
Underwear: Girls boxers! I have never wore a thong in my life haha.
Vegetables you dislike: Sprouts, parsnips, swede, celery, sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers, squash, is that enough haha? 
What makes you run late: I like to watch telly while doing my makeup, so deciding what to watch generally makes me late.
X-rays you've had done: On my kidneys and on my teeth. 
Yummy food you make: I can't cook, but I can make cakes. I would really like to start making deserts!
Zoo animal: I love monkeys. I love looking at them and realising how much they are like humans. I like looking at the colours of lizards too!

I hope you guys have found a bit more out about me! I tag you all, let me know if you have done it.. I would love to get to know you too!


  1. Hi Chloe! I have been following your blog for a while and just copied your tag :) If you want to read it, you can find it at I linked back to your blog in the post :)

  2. Ohhh! I love this tag! I just started blogging and I am definitely doing this for my readers to get to know me! I'll be sure to link you too! Love your blog too! Can't wait to read more =)