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Thursday 15 November 2012


£3.99 from Boots.

As someone who has oily skin, I think it's quite hard to find a powder that doesn't fade away during the day and help keep that oil away. This is the best thing I have found so far! The Rimmel says that it 'Controls shine for up to 12 hours. Minimises the appearance of pores with a natural, matte finish. You won't go out without it!' I think that it does control shine, but not for 12 hours with re applying. I would say 4 - 5 hours before it completely goes on me which I think is pretty reasonable. It does give a lovely matte finish, but make sure you don't apply too much as it can go cakey! It has a typical powdery smell, which is not over powering at all and good for all you people that don't like having a scent on your face. The packaging is okay for the price, but I do find (like you do with most powders) that it tends to crack and break when coming to the end of the product. Is that something to do with the packaging though? This is my second or thrid one so I would defiantly buy it again, but this isn't my favourite powder. I prefer the E.L.F HD Powder (review here) but this is good enough for the time being. I would recommend this to everyone really. If they have you're shade, or if you prefer transparent which I do, then go for it! Have you tried this powder? Do you like it? Let me know below!


  1. I've tried it and love it! It's been my fav powder for MANY many years now, always reliable.

  2. Looks great! I need to try it out. :)

    If you have time, please come by and check out my blog! And maybe follow?

    xo - Sheila

    1. You totally should! I'll make sure to :-) xo