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Friday 22 March 2013


£7.99 from Boots*

I've never really been a big fan of Rimmel mascaras. The Day 2 Night mascara was okay for the meantime but wasn't amazing. This may have changed my opinion of them. Sorry that I haven't got a photo of it on my lashes! The Rimmel says that 'Our first ultra lengthening mascara that defies the laws of lash length! Length that defies limits, Formula with Micro-Fibres, Instant wow: Extends lashes by up to 99% Lash-catching brush grabs every lash for perfect separation. No clumps!' I agree with most of this. It lengthens my lashes, which is what I look for in a mascara, and there is also no clumps! As for lengthening my lashes up to 99%? I think it has lengthened them a little but definitely not by 99%. The shade I have is obviously black. I really wish that they would come out with a waterproof version. If they did, this would probably be my favourite mascara. There isn't any awful scent on this mascara. I guess it's just your typical mascara smell. One tip I can give you guys about this mascara, is not to blink really hard on the brush. I did and I thought my eyeball was going to fall out. I like the bright green-ness of the packaging, it makes it so much easier to find in my makeup bag. Like I said before, I do like this mascara a lot but I would love it if it was waterproof. It tends to transfer above my eyelids and underneath my eyes which sucks. To top this from happening, I tend to use a waterproof mascara on top of it. I would totally buy it again though!

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