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Tuesday 12 March 2013


About a week or so ago, I went away for the weekend to Fishguard with my family. I took quite a few pictures so I thought I would put together a post to share with you guys and for me to look back on in the future! On the Friday we didn't do much. It was St. David's Day which is a Welsh holiday and so we went to a food festival which wasn't very exciting, so I didn't take any photos of that. On the Saturday, we went to Folly Farm and on the Sunday, we went to a nice place by the sea to take photos. I hope you all enjoy and that I haven't bombarded you with too many photos as there are quite a few haha!

She was happy to be there, I promise haha

Faithy my cousin's daughter, Nikki my Auntie, Bella my cousin, Anthony my uncle, Laura my cousin and my Mam.

Faith named that giraffe Jasmine :-)

Old school fairground rides

Thank you for read/looking guys, if you would like to see some more of my photograph, here is the link to my Facebook page!


  1. lovely photos, the goat is so cute! lol x

  2. Lovely pictures, I love the one of the giraffe ha! They are my fave animals hehe.

    Great blog - i'm a new follower :)
    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

    1. Thank you! Awesome, I'll check out your blog :-) xo