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Monday 3 September 2012


Hey guys!
It's currently 3.30AM and I can't sleep (FYI, I have really bad insomnia) so instead of watching Charmed on Netflix, which I am totally obsessing over at the moment, I thought that I would do something constructive and take some photographs so I can write some reviews. I have no idea why, but this really excites me right now haha. I have finished off some products recently and I realised that I didn't do any reviews for them, so my plan for the week is to write these up and post them for you guys. Woop, woop!

Another reason why I am writing this post is to be honest with you all. The last thing I want is to lie to you guys! This past week I've have sat down and thought to myself 'do I honestly want to carry on with my blog? Is it worth putting in all the time and effort into it? What if I fail or don't get very far with it? What if I don't have many followers? What if people judge me? What if people I know in real life find my blog? What if people laugh at my grammar?'. Most of the time I came out with something negative. I felt so bad telling you guys 'I'm back' and then not post again for another week. So I decided that I wasn't going to blog anymore. The next day, I found myself being quite sad watching beauty videos on YouTube thinking 'Who am I going to tell about the new beauty things I find? or a new idea I have for a photo shoot?'. After weighing up the pros and cons, hits and shit or whatever you want to call it, I decided I really want to run a beauty blog. Who cares if I 'fail'? Who cares if I only have 1 follower? At least 1 person is reading all my jibber jabber and liking it! Surely that means I'm getting somewhere right? I also found some positivity for my blog in this video by Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter and Sammi from Beauty Crush. Even though the video is a tag about YouTube, it helped me to really decide whether to quit blogging or not. It inspired me to not care about others think or getting judged too quickly. You are never going to please every single person in world, and that's not being negative, it's being realistic. These 2 woman (I felt silly calling them girls cause they are older than me haha) along with some others, helped me to show my face on camera and upload a video into the YouTubing world. I know that right now I don't do YouTube videos, I don't very much confidence in myself/body to do it, but I will someday/ I just need to do it at the right time and not force myself or feel that I have to. They both put a smile on my face when watching their videos, even when the sky is grey! 

Anyway, it's now 4.29 and this is a pretty long post and if you have actually read this, then I think you should go and grab yourself a cup of tea as a reward. Or even an alcoholic beverage! Go on, you deserve it! If your old enough that is! ;-) Thank you so much you guys for bearing with me and inspiring me! You are amazing! If you haven't subscribed to Louise and Sammi, do it now! Once again, thank you :-)

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