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Monday 17 September 2012


£21 from Debenhams(*)
This is my first Lancome product. Well technically I own 3 as it came in a boxset, but this is the only one what I use. The Lancome website says that this mascara 'coats every single eyelash without weighing them down'. I sort of agree with this. I find that it is easy to get spider leg lashes with this mascara. You have to be very careful and kind of learn to work with this product. Once you do that you will probably love it like I do. I'm not bless with incredibly long eyelashes, but this does both volumise and lengthen my lashes. In the beginning, I felt like this mascara was too wet for me, so I did wait a few months before I started using it properly so that it could dry out a little. When it comes to my lashes, the only thing that I really, really dislike about them is that they don't hold a curl for very long. Using this mascara does help keep the curl in for a few hours longer than most. This does have a scent, some of you will either hate that or love it. The scent is of roses and it is pretty strong. So strong that sometimes I can even smell it when the mascara has dried on my lashes. Now I have pretty sensitive eyes, and this scent doesn't irritate them at all. The packaging is what you expect with the highend price tag. It's sturdy, pretty and I really like the flowers on the tube itself. As I said in this post earlier, I don't have amazing eyelashes but this mascara really does do wonders for them. They make them look longer and volumised once you find how to make it work for you. I would recommend it to people and I would spend my money on it. 

Hope you have enjoyed this review. It feels like forever since I have done one! Have you tried this mascara? Let me know below!

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