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Thursday 21 February 2013


I thought that I would do something different for this post. I've never really seen myself as someone who's very much into fashion and in on the latest trends, but now that I have this blog I think that I should dabble in it a little. This is my opinion of this seasons trends! All photos are from Glamour.

Bermuda Shorts
If I'm honest, I'm quite glad that these on trend this season. Personally, I wouldn't wear these as I'm not confident in my body, but it will be nice to not see girls wearing short shorts with half of their butt cheek out. With these, you can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. You can jazz them up a little by wearing heels like they do on the catwalk, or you can go casual and wear flats. I like these, but if your on a spending ban then why not find an old pair of trousers/jeans that you don't wear any more and cut them to your preferred length. Not only will you be on trend, but this way you will have a one of a kind pair of Bermuda Shorts.

Black and White
Whether you're on a budget this month or you fancy a splurge, you can be in on this trend. You can keep it simple by just wearing a monochrome top, or you can incorporate it throughout your whole outfit. I like this trend because it is simple and no matter what size you are, we can do it! If you're looking for something simple, try this! Or if you're looking for something more edgy and unique, try this!

Peekaboo Pieces
This is something I wouldn't wear. The thought of my 'love handles' coming out the sides of my dress really isn't sexy haha. To all of you lucky people who have nice bodies, I totally encourage you to try out this trend. You'll show enough skin to make it sexy and not slutty. For something more subtle, try this. For something that shows off your body, try this.

Statement Sunglasses
I don't know about you but I love sunglasses. A few years ago, I used to have this obsession with them and everytime I went into Primark I would buy a pair. Luckly I didn't go in their very often, but I did get a good collection going but most of them broke haha. Anyway, I shall be totally jumping on this bandwagon! I really like these but if you want something more out there, try these!

Bold Stripes
I find that vertical stripes really don't flatter my body shape, but I would definitely but up for trying horizontal stripes! The good thing about stripes is that you can dress them up, like this or you could dress them down with something like this.

Luxe Leather
I don't think I will be wearing any type of leather this season. Fat people + leather = server chafing. I would be too scared to to wear it just in case I got really sweaty or something haha. I think if I was going to try out this trend, I would go for a jacket with like leather panels on the elbow or something like this. Dress it down with something like this and this, or you could dress it up a little with something like this and some accessories.

Beautiful Beading
Beading on clothing is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I think it can jazz up anything, but only to a certain extent. Sometimes I have seen some clothes look so tacky because of how much beading has gone onto that item. I will probably be wearing this trend! I really like this and looove this, and this is really beautiful.

Short Suits
I kind of don't understand suits on girls. I mean, sometimes they can look really nice and can actually look like a playsuit, but sometimes they don't compliment a figure and look like someone has put them in a suit made out of bin bags. I think I will be sticking to play suits, but don't let me stop you. If short suits tickle your pickle, why not try something like this.

Sporty Dresses
I really like these style of dresses. Sometimes they can be quite boxy looking, so just chuck a belt on and you're ready to go! I personally would wear something like this or this. If you're on a spending ban and you own an a line skirt, why not wear that tucked into a top.

Flats and low heels
I remember starting a new school in year 6 and I had new shoes which had a kitten heel. I was walking into my classroom after assembly and falling flat on my face and have only worn heel once since then. I simply don't trust myself with any sort of heeled shoe so won't be wearing low heels haha. I do wear boots with a little heel though as it makes me feel like I have more support, which let's be honest I clearly need. I am currently living in these, which I had for Christmas from Accessorize but they're not on their website anymore. I think these are incredibly cute!

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