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Thursday 14 February 2013


To all of you that are loved up, Happy Valentine's Day! To all of you that are single, Happy Bitterness Day! Haha. Valentine's Day is going to be just another day for me this year, but one thing I am not looking forward to is all the status/posts/tweets on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter, claiming that they're all 'forever alone'.. and that's just all the 15 year olds haha. Rant aside, I thought I would do a sort of 'anti Valentine's Day' nail tutorial as all the nail tutorials I have seen lately are pink and full of hearts. This is for all of you that are looking for something different! Wow, I do sound quite bitter in the post, I promise I'm not.. sort of haha.

What you will need:

  • Your favourite red polish
  • Your favourite black polish
  • Your favourite topcoat
  • Your favorite basecoat
  • A sponge
  • A dotting tool or cocktail stick
  • A plastic sheet or a poly pocket

Step 1: Apply a base coat and 2 coats of your favourite red polish. I'm using Ciate Paint Pot in Mistress

Step 2: On your plastic sheet or poly pocket, apply a generous amount of red polish and your favourite black polish. I'm using Rimmel London I Heart Lasting Finish in Black Cab. Make sure both polishes meet together in the middle.

Step 3: Using your dotting tool/cocktail stick, mix together both colours in the middle. A little tip I shall give you is to make sure you do step 2 and 3 quite quickly so that there isn't a sort of dry layer on the top.

Step 4: Put the sponge into the polish. Sorry I don't have a photo for this guys, I totally forgot!

Step 5: Dab the sponge onto your nail. Go up and down your nail, still dabbing, to get the gradient effect that you want. 

Step 6: Apply your favourite topcoat and if you're feeling adventurous, chuck some glitter on those nails!

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