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Friday 14 December 2012


I've been busy this week so I haven't had time to upload swatches and first impressions of the nail polishes I had this week in my Ciate Advent Calender. So I thought I would just made one big post of what I had this week rather than do 5 and upload them the same day. WARNING - this is a picture heavy post!

Ladylike Luxe, £9 from Ciate.

I love love love this colour! It is so good for this season and makes me feel so Christmasy looking at it. It's a gold and silver shimmer which gives a foil effect to your nails. The swatch is with 2 coats. I think this paired with a red or a green would look nice for Christmas, possibly with some glitter too?

Bumble Bee Caviar Pearls

I haven't actually got round to swatching this yet but I'm so excited to. It has black and gold pearls which I picture wearing with a black dress or an LBD, making your nails an accessory. I couldn't find it online anywhere so maybe this is just exclusive to Mini Mani Month, how exciting!

Twilight, £9 from Ciate.

This is another polish that I have fallen in love with. I had seen this colour before and loved it, so when I opened door 12 to see this famous polish, I was so excited! This polish has a black base with gold glitter, not shimmer. The swatch is with 2 coats. It's like having a stary night on your finger nails. 

Glass Slipper - Exclusive to Mini Mani Month.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that there is some sort of glitter on my ring finger almost every time I paint them. Having a glitter polish in the calender has been accepted with open arms. This is a royal blue glitter polish, the swatch is with 3 coats. I think having a black base underneath this glitter polish would look nice!

Speed Dial, £9 from Ciate.

To me, this is not really a Wintery colour, but I think having this on your nails might make you feel a little warmer in these cold nights haha. The is a bright orange colour, which looks like it could be juicy.. is that weird? The swatch is with 2 coats. I think if you pair this with a black polish, it might make it a little more subtle and wearable!

Do you have any of these shades? How do you wear them? Let me know below!

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